Andy Cifuentes Davis Tattoo Artist tattooing a client

Andy's past jobs have certainly made him stand out as an artist. Whether it's window dressing or landscape gardening, his artistic side has always been prevelant, making him an adaptable tattoo artist. He takes his inspiration from music, film and TV and absorbs himself heavily in the tattoo process. He is a versatile tattoo artist with a strong black and grey portfolio but also enjoys working in colour. Andy joined the Ouch! Team in 2013, and has really come in to his own with his tattoos and many clients have followed him from his last shop. Andy says: "Being a film and TV geek, I never thought I would become a professional tattoo artist. Some of my past jobs had elements of artistry or design, but after watching programmes about tattooing and having a few tattoos myself, I wanted to learn everything about this industry. So I went to many tattoo conventions knowing that my hunger would grow. After a long struggle, I finally got my break in a tattoo shop in Enfield, but it wasn't until I joined the Ouch! team that I really became a tattoo artist, I love my job,

it's the second best job in world next to being a daddy."